Our story

My name is Emil Abramyan and I'm the founder of Pink Buffalo Organics. I started this company in July of 2022 because I wanted to share my love and knowledge of mushrooms with all of you. My first experience with mushrooms began back in 2004, when I was still living with my family in Los Angeles. My parents decided to do some landscaping around the house, so they ordered a truckload of dirt to be brought in and spread across different parts of the property. A few weeks later, the area was transformed, and a layer of mushrooms covered the entire garden. Living in LA for most of my life, I had never seen mushrooms in the “wild,” and I was immediately fascinated! I wanted to learn everything I could about them, like what type of mushrooms they were, how they ended up here, and whether they were edible (spoiler alert: they weren’t, and you should never eat wild mushrooms unless you know for certain they are safe!). In that process, I found lots of useful information about mushrooms and connected with some very knowledgeable mycologists. The more I learned the more I wanted to know. My curiosity was sparked, and I have loved mushrooms ever since.

Fast forward to today, after almost two decades of studying and growing mushrooms as a hobby, I finally decided it was time to share the wild and wondrous experience of growing mushrooms with the world. That’s how Pink Buffalo Organics came to be. 

I started Pink Buffalo Organics at home, in the same house in Los Angeles where those wild mushrooms first appeared like magic, with the help of my family and close friends. Our mission is to bring high quality mushroom products to your doorstep and to educate and inspire a new generation of fungi-lovers. 

We believe that everyone should have access to fresh mushrooms no matter where you live (even in a desert like Los Angeles). And we think mushrooms are fascinating, and beautiful, and can be shown prominently in your home as natural art. Our grow kits are not only meant to feed you; they’re meant to spark the same sense of wonder and curiosity I felt so many years ago when I first discovered them.