Care Instructions

Our grow kits are designed to be 100% care-free. When you're ready to start your grow, use a sharp knife to cut x's in the holes of the box. Set the box on your kitchen counter, dining table, or anywhere that's out of direct sunlight and in 1-3 weeks you’ll be enjoying fresh mushrooms! 

That said, here are some important facts to make sure you get the most out of your grow:

  • Do not place your grow kit in direct sunlight, in front of a heat source, or directly near an air conditioner as this can cause the mushrooms and substrate to dry out. 
  • Your grow kit has a use by date, please make sure you start your grow before that date. Give or take a day or two is fine. 
  • After cutting the x's in the box you should see the mushrooms starting to grow from these holes in 1-3 weeks. 
  • Not all of the holes will grow mushrooms; this is normal.
  • If you have mushroom pins that started growing but dried up before they matured that means the environment is too dry. Move your kit somewhere with a slightly higher humidity. The kitchen is usually a good spot. 
  • Pay very close attention because once they start, the mushrooms grow fast and are usually ready to harvest after only a few days.
  • You can harvest once the mushroom caps start to flatten out. You will also notice them start to drop their spores at this point, which is another sign that it’s time to harvest! 
  • The spores of the oyster mushrooms look like a fine white dust. They’re very easy to clean, but if you leave the mushrooms too long they will keep releasing the spores and it can get a little messy. 
  • If you won't be around for the optimal time to harvest, just harvest early. Oysters are better when they are young, so it's better to err on the early side.
  • Harvest the mushrooms by taking the entire cluster in your hand, then twist and pull away. Don’t harvest individual mushrooms one at a time. 
  • If you live in a particularly dry climate or if it’s winter and your heat is always on, your oysters would benefit from being sprayed with water a couple of times a day. If you notice that the oysters are drying or starting to crack once they fruit that’s a good indication that it’s a too dry. Use a spray bottle with a fine mist and mist around the mushrooms 2 times a day. 
  • Once harvested, place the mushrooms in a paper bag and put them in the fridge. Use the mushrooms within one week for optimal freshness. Yellow oyster should be eaten within a day or two.  
  • You can usually get at least two flushes from your kit, meaning once you harvest they will grow again from the same holes. However the second flush will be substantially less than the first. 
  • You can increase the likelihood of getting a second or third flush by using a spray bottle to spray water directly into the holes after you harvest the first flush to rehydrate your substrate.  
  • Make sure you keep the holes clean and clear of any previous mushrooms that were growing before so that you have the best chance of having a second flush. 
  • Be patient, it can take another 2-3 weeks for your second flush to come in. 
  • Once you are done with your kit, you can remove the substrate from the plastic bag inside the box and bury it in the dirt in your yard and start a little mushroom patch! Make sure you put it in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight and is relatively cool and damp. 
  • The best part of the oyster mushrooms are the caps. The stems can be a little tougher but they are still edible and delicious. Try and avoid the bulbous part at the very base of stem, which can be quite tough.